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Year 2006: Liaoning Shuangqiang Plastic Industry Develop Co., Ltd. was initially set up in June 2006. In those days there were more than 50 employees and 2 production lines which could only produced common rubber strips. By the end of 2006, our products had passed the detection of Anshan Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute and the production standards of the company were put on records.

Year 2007: The Company had 5 production lines. The products had been developed to black and white rubber strips, black and gray rubber strips, t-shaped strip, and concave groove which were extruded out by three machines. The production technology had attained the advanced level in China. The products passed the inspection of China National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center in March, 2007.
Year 2008: The Company had 8 production lines. On primary basis, the company perfects t-shaped strip and concave groove and added rubber strips with aluminum sheet and rubber strips without aluminum sheet. The specification of products is all complete. In May, 2008, the Company improved its glue refining process, added Banbury mixer, refining mills, rubber compounding mill, filter and desulfurizing machine to improve the colloidal matter, and solved the problems of unstable hardness of adhesive tape and so on. The selling regions were also expanded from three provinces of Northeast China in 2006 and 2007 to Shanxi province and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and so on.
Year 2009: The Company took over 80 mou land in Taian Industrial Park. In the first-phase project, the company built two standardized factory buildings, three depots, integration office building, dormitory building, and eatery. Due to the establishment of laboratory, the laboratory could accomplish various detections such as rubber strip hardness, viscosity analysis, raw materials and hollow glass so as to stabilize much more various properties of the products. In 2009 the company exported its technology and meantime, sold its hose lining. By the end of 2009, garden service center and road construction engineering of Shuangqiang Real Property Co., Ltd. had been put into service. “Shuangyi” trademark passed the certification of China National Industrial and Commercial General Bureau.
Year 2010: The Company had 17 production lines among which 5 production lines were in Shanxi Branch Factory. Meantime, the company added EPDM rubber strip production line with advanced technology in China. “Shuangguan” trademark passed the certification of China National Industrial and Commercial General Bureau. Taian Shuangqiang Building Materials Co., Ltd. was set up and Shuangqiang Group was organized. In March 2010 the company undertook annual general meeting (AGM) of door, window and curtain wall industry. The quantity of employees in Shuangqiang Company was from 50 persons in 2006 to more than 200 persons in 2010 among which more than 50 persons were salesperson. The selling regions covered various provinces all over the country. Entire provinces in China were divided into 8 selling regions according to the regionally features. Annual production value increased from more than 5 million RMB yuan at the beginning to more than 0.1 billion RMB yuan at present. 
In January 2011, Shuangqiang passed the quality certification of GBT 190012008/ISO9001:2008. In February Liaoning Shuangqiang Group Shenyang Marketing Service Center was established.